Welcome to the Skip Deskin Art website! I'm glad you stopped by. In the gallery you'll find sculptures completed in marble, alabaster, walnut and other wood. Marble and alabaster sculptures are done using an air compressor and special tools - the white marble is from Marble, Colorado and the grey marble is from a quarry in Carthage, in south Missouri.

Many of the wood sculptures are walnut because it is a hard wood and doesn't compress as easily as softer woods when carved. The totem pole is of southern white pine. The choir boy looks like he's leaning against the wall. He isn't; that is the natural curve in the log used. The Dreamer is alabaster, as is the Embrace, and other sculptures as well. The 9/11 remembrance is a log from the campus of Indiana University that was being cut down when I was attending some classes a few years ago.

I hope you'll find something that is of interest - if you'd like a piece made for you or someone special to you, e-mail me and I'll respond quickly. If you don't find any sculpture that is intriguing here, be sure to visit other sites…there is a lot of good art on the web! Thanks again for stopping by.

Skip Deskin